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Griya Santrian


45 years Griya Santrian Journey


Bali, May 2017 ... Griya Santrian a Beach Resort and Spa, one of the first local hotel brand established in Sanur Bali, is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year having officially opened its doors to its first guests on May 1, 1972. The resort, where everyone is family, developed a unique concept of hospitality in terms of life experience, drawing upon Balinese style, culture and various traditions. To commemorate the event, the hotel launched several activities highlighting and celebrating Griya Santrian's importance as a pioneer in Sanur and Bali's hospitality industry.


The hotel's celebration is about giving back. As part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, Griya Santrian conducted a series of environment and educational themed events. To mark its anniversary, the Tri Hita Karana concept, relations to God, nature and other humans, was highlighted with a visit to Pura Melanting for prayers. Trees for planting were donated also as a symbol of relations to nature. 


The following day, the management will visit the Sunia Giri orphanage in Padang Sambian and donate towel, bed sheets and other in-kind items. The team also provided an experience of afternoon tea with the kids and care givers. Celebrations continued with blood drive from Griya Santrian joined by staff from other sister properties and environmental activities including turtle release and cleaning the beach over the week. On May 4, the management held a lunch with the traditional yellow rice with all management and corporate members, while staff enjoyed a very special anniversary lunch menu in the canteen.


Griya Santrian's General Manager, IB Sidharta Putra, said, "Celebrating 45 years of service marks a key milestone in the history of Sanur's hotel industry. As an iconic landmark, it stands as a significant landmark in Bali's colorful history and has assisting in shaping the hospitality industry as people know it. This is an exciting year and momentous occasion for us as it celebrates a historic past and looks forward to providing a unique Balinese heritage journey for each guest."


Griya Santrian launched a series of campaigns and promotional activities to showcase the company's unwavering commitment to continuously enhance its customer experience in Bali, exclusively for guests. On May 1, guest age 45 years received a discount for consumption of food and beverage while for wellness package, all of May, guests having their birthday in May can receive 45% discount on selected spa rituals.